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VR App Guide


Welcome to the Beyond VR App Guide. Before getting started, if you have any questions please visit the FAQ Section of our website or do not hesitate to contact us directly.
VR App Guide Menu:
  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
    • Downloading the App
    • Access Codes
    • Headset Navigation
    • Entering Speaking Environments
  • App Features
    • Voice Analysis
    • Eye Contact Tracking
    • Playback Speech
    • Add Presentation Slides and Notes
    • Track Progress

Getting Started

Downloading the App

The Beyond VR – Public Speaking App is available on Android, iOS and the Oculus store through the links below.

Unlocking Codes

After purchasing a full version code, you will receive a unique unlock code that you can use to unlock the full version of the Beyond VR application on both iOS and Android. 

Note: In certain instances it may take up to 24 hours to receive your unique code.

Headset Navigation

Within the application itself, you can navigate by clicking buttons through the trigger on the Oculus Go Controller, clicking the trigger on your VR headset or by hovering over any button for 5 seconds (if gaze input is enabled).

Entering Speaking Environments

In order to enter any speaking environment, simply hover over and click the enter environment button found in the lower middle of the main menu thumbnails.

App Features

VR App Speech Analysis Section
Voice Analysis

Through voice recognition technology the Beyond VR app is able to track and give pinpoint accurate feedback on the following four voice evaluations;

  • Voice Speed / Pace
  • Voice Volume
  • Clarity
  • Filler Words
Whether delivering an impromptu speech or presentation in speech presentation, or even practicing for an interview in our interviews section, all voice analysis features are equally available within the full version of our application.
Eye Contact Tracking

Based on the rotation and position of the VR headset in coordination to the speaking environment’s audience, Beyond VR is able to leverage heatmap technologies to help give actionable feedback on how to improve the eye contact during your speech.

Eye Contact Heatmap Grading System


Excellent: 75-100%


Great: 65-75%


Good: 55-65%


Average: 45-55%

Playback Speech

After delivering your speech, you will have the option to playback your speech. Simply click the right bottom volume icon as shown in the image to the left.

How to Playback Speech
Slideshow and script in VR app
Adding Presentation Slides and Notes

One of the most beneficial features of the Beyond VR Public Speaking application is that you can upload your very own slideshow and notes directly into the application. In doing so, you can practice in a variety of environment before going to deliver your actual speech. As a result, you will be much more prepared and ready when it is time to deliver the actual speech.

To learn how to upload your own personal slideshow and script directly into the speaking environment, please visit our Beyond VR App Setup page here.

Track Your Progress

Within the main menu, you can navigate to the progress screen where you can view in-detail your previous scores, strengths, weaknesses and any medals you have achieved.

Progress screen