My very first speech – I couldn’t have predicted this.

So recently I was asked to give a 5-minute presentation in front of around 500 people. This was the first time in my life I had to really speak publicly. I mean sure I’ve had to give simple presentations in front of my class before but that wasn’t more than 20 people and I knew them all anyways. This was 500 people who I did not know, and who’s first impression of me would be made during that speech.

I made sure I was prepared. I got lots of feedback on my content and my visuals and made little changes constantly to improve it. I practiced with the Beyond VR app and made sure I knew my content like the back of my hand.

What I felt in the moments right before the speech was something I could not have imagined. I felt as though I wanted to throw up. The nerves we’re almost unbearable. Nothing I ever did seemed to scare me as much.

Anyways, I got up there and the whole place got dead silent. The lights were blinding I couldn’t see anything. I finally got composed and stared to talk, and oh boy what came out was not what I expected…

I actually said the right words! The speech went great! Looking back at it I shouldn’t have been as nervous as I was and should have defiantly beloved in myself a lot more. The moral of my story: as scary as public speaking may seem, everyone can do it! Prepare, get feedback and practice this valuable skill and before you know it, you’ll be killing every speech that you give.

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