Informative Speeches – How to Teach the Audience Without them Getting Bored

Giving an informative, or information based speech is a scenario you’ll likely encounter at one point or another during your life. Whether it’s sharing your research project to your class or presenting the latest sales number as work, you’re most likely going to be faced with this situation.

It seems simple, all you have to do is take your information, get up in front of everyone and say it, right? Sure, this is a great strategy to give a mind-numbingly boring speech. This is the same reason most of the time when audience members doze off, it’s during an informative speech.

Just because your info might be boring or bland doesn’t mean you have to be. Here are a few time tested ways to spice up any boring presentation.

Tell jokes

Funny speakers are engaging, interesting and always seem to have everyone’s attention. “But what if I’m not funny”. Just because you don’t make people laugh until they cry on a daily basis doesn’t mean you can’t tell funny jokes. Especially if you’re information is super boring, you might even want to poke fun at its blandness just to lighten the mood. Just remember not to go overboard with the jokes as this can make you appear corny and like you’re trying too hard.

Make it polarizing

Do your best to make the info you’re presenting a polarizing as possible. Make comparisons and references to past/other related pieces of into and show your audience how this new information really is important/influential. If anything, try using a polarizing fact or stat that relates to your topic to make it a little more interesting.

Get excited about your information

How do you expect your listeners to be engaged and focus on your words if you yourself are boring? Use enthusiasm, vary your voice volume and speed and genuinely seem interested in what you’re talking about. If you’re passionate about saying something, people will listen, so look alive out there!

Finally, if you want your speech to go by without a hitch, the best way to do so is by preparing. Practice every aspect of your speech and be as prepared as you can be. Using the Beyond VR virtual reality public speaking app is the best new way to practice your presentation and receive accurate feedback on your performance. Check it out today! 

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