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The Ultimate Way to Become a Confident Speaker using Virtual Reality

Increase Your Value By 50%: Use the Best Speech Trainer That Money Can Buy

As Warren Buffett said, "you can increase your value by 50% just by learning communication skills such as public speaking."

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Love the impromptu option, it's exactly what I wanted it for. Can't wait for more variety to come to the audience numbers and locations.

Jamie P.

I tried it out, and it really felt like you were standing in front of a crowd. The app also provides real time feedback to the user. Totally cool, and such an awesome example of emerging leaders who are harnessing the potential of emerging technology!

Catherine S.

These guys have developed a product that will help you present better regardless of the audience size. 

Kathy K.

I highly recommend this app for people that want to improve their public speaking.

Leonardo P.

A great app to help people overcome their fear of public speaking using virtual reality. 

John W.

Excellent to practice speeches or presentations to the public. Congratulations on this excellent product.

Camilo A.

Why beyond?

build your confidence public speaking

Build Your Confidence

With Beyond, we push you to your limits and help you expand your comfort zone, allowing your confidence to soar.

overcome your nerves of giving a speech

Overcome Your Nerves

Giving a presentation can be nerve wracking at first, but with our app you can practice public speaking in front a realistic crowd through the power of virtual reality dozens of times to overcome your nerves.

develop the life skill of communication

Develop a Life Skill

Strong communication skills help you advance your career, enhance your social life and ultimately improve your everyday interactions significantly.

Learning from home and saving time

Save Time

A virtual learning experience means no set schedules, and no commuting. Practice public speaking in the comfort of your own home, anytime.

Track Your Progress

Using breakthrough technology, you can track everything from your voice speed to your eye contact. Giving you the feedback you need to take your public speaking to the next level.

save money public speaking training

Save Money

Hiring a public speaking coach or joining a class can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We offer Beyond to you at a fraction of the price.

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